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Hey Guys and Gals:

Welcome home, and welcome to the your Alma Mater, the J.D. Dickerson School Reunion website.

This is an official DTS/JDD Missing classmates area. It simply means that even though your name may be listed here already, you are considered Missing In Action (MIA), if you have not filled out your profile yet.  It is simple.  So, why not take time out now and do it.  In order to access this website fully, you will need to join of course.  Joining simply means to filling out the necessary information needed such as, your user name and password, etc. in your profile area so that you may have access to chat with your fellow classmates, teachers (um hmm, teachers too), long lost buddies, girlfriends, boyfriends, and people you may have forgotten over the years, look at the names and find classmate information. Use site by becoming a sponsor and paying a donation to participate, and communicate via email, chat and all of the other things that a great site has to offer.  All websites will allow you to take a test drive, looking to see if you recognize someone on their site, but sooner or later you will want a package deal or they will require one.  So why not contribute to your own hometown website and talk to your own hometown homies for a small donation that will go towards our African American history from all of J.D. Dickerson school in Vidalia, Georgia. 

A website costs a lot to build, manage and maintain on a day to day basis. It does takes a people who totally love being on the computer, dedicated, and interested in entering information via computer that you may not  otherwise have access to.  Just the compilation of your names alone from year books, and running copies of pictures, many which are missing, takes many hours and is a task in itself.  "Oops," to think that some of you are not in any year book, in any high school, anywhere.  No joke!!Your pictures have been torn out or scratched out, etc.  That's right much of our history has been destroyed.  It is an era that "you" were once a part of.  Let's find your pictures if we can and I will post them.  Seriously though, many of your pictures do not exist in any of the Dickerson High School or Vidalia High School books for the classes of 1970 and up. However you may still join our site, have a ball and show us an updated picture of the new you.  We would love to see your pics in the now mode. Doesn't matter what class you graduated from or if you graduated at all, everyone is welcome here. Whichever class you started with, you may claim that class here without a problem. So welcome aboard classmates.

You will be able to access the missing classmates pages for the year you attended school and many other years as they become available. Join the class year you choose. We have researched and posted students names from1943 to 1974 from Rosenwald School (many of us are not familiar with this first school), Dickerson Training School, J.D. Dickerson Elementary and J.D.Dickerson High School.  All years will continue to be here.  Some students names may never be found because many are deceased and no one knows how to get in touch with their families or know who their family members are.  Many of you will probably see your name and pictures posted already. However, it may not be in alphabetical order because the classes of 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1974, 1975, and up had to be pulled from Vidalia High School's Yearbook Archives.  It's because a little help from the site administrator and Vidalia High School year books that you might see your picture. 

Note:  If for any reason you do not want your name posted here to be a part of the history that you helped to create, by all means notify us and we will gladly remove your name and picture from the site. No muss, no fuss. However, you will not have the opportunity to rejoin.  "Time is money." We can't afford to waste it. 

A lot of research is being done to host this site because of the history.. We do not have history from Rosenwald School, Dickerson Training School and J.D. Dickerson High School.  It is a phenomenal undertaking and not one I would not wish on anyone, so I don't take it lightly.  One must have a love for researching history, lots of computer time, emailing, talking constantly to people in person and by phone, digging into all types of holes and dives to gather info, and then write or type it all.  You must be able to think off the top of your head and above all you must enjoy doing this on a day to day basis or it will not work.  However, I do enjoy it.  So, come on guys grab hold.  Let's do this thing.  It is fun.  This is also your ticket to safe surfing from now on.  It is your own hometown website with your own hometown folks.  How sweet it is!  No tag-a-longs of unknowns from other sites unless you bring them onto the site yourself.  However, no porn, cursing etc., or anything that is in bad taste will be allowed or you will be banned from the site. Just good clean wholesome fun with your fellow "Dickersonians."  Parents can monitor their children and have fun too (Parents must keep check). Remember our young children are Dickersonians, also.  Last time I looked, there is still a school in Vidalia, GA bearing the name of Professor James DeWitt Dickerson.  It is the J.D. Dickerson Headstart-Elementary School on Highway #292 or North Street.

Now all of this written material is off the top of my head.  If you know different, do share.  I would appreciate and welcome it.  Also, if you have difficulty accessing the site, please feel free to contact me at any one of the numbers listed below.  I would love to speak with any fellow Dickersonian and help you to get logged on at the same time.

Let's do ourselves a favor.  Let's join and enjoy ourselves to the max! 

Looking forward to hearing, seeing and talking to all of you before the Dickersonian Multi-Class Reunion each year..

Welcome home********Dickersonians********* and enjoy the site.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda "Dallas" Spivey

Site Founder/Creator/Administrator



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