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DTS/J.D. Dickerson High School Multi-Class Alumni Anytime Reunion

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Founded:  June 30, 2010

Founder:  Brenda G. Spivey (Dallas)  

Our Mission and Goal:    

1.  To reunite, through this website, all African American students, parents and teachers, who once graced the halls of Odd Fellows Hall, Rosenwald School, Vidalia High and Industrial School, Dickerson Training School, and J.D. Dickerson Elementary,  J.D. Dickerson School in Vidalia, Georgia, which bears the name of the founder Professor James DeWitt Dickerson(J.D.D.).

2.  To allow all of us, young and old, to reach out to those we thought we would never see again. Anyone who wants to be a part of this site is welcome.

6.  To reach out and become friends and comrades with our fellow Dickersonian African American sisters and brothers again.

8.  To be part of a monumental legacy for which we can all be proud.


Note:  This site is not limited to the 1904-1970 Alumni.  It is open to all J.D. Dickerson students no matter what year they graduated, whether they graduated from J.D.Dickerson High or Vidalia Comprehensive High School and no matter where they lived while attending.  If you were schooled at any J.D. Dickerson School, you are a Dickersonian. Remember, you don't have to be a graduate to be a Dickersonian.  You are a Dickersonian if you have attended any J.D. Dickerson School from 1904 to the present day.  All parents, teachers and guests who wish to become a member may do so, also. We are all active look for peope we know.  Why not do it through our site and have fun with people you know in Vidalia.  We welcome you.





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