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 Established February 14, 2012

Volume I No. 1                                                                                                                                                                            February 14, 2012

Where are Our Trophies?


Brenda Spivey-Jones, Founding Editor

The Toombs County Georgia's History, that I pulled from , states that Professor Dickerson received a solid gold medal in 1934 in recognition of his his achievements.  It also states that all of the J.D. Dickerson High School trophies followed us students to the Vidalia High School Trophy case.  The above mentioned website states that Vidalia's schools excellence can be traced from several being the 300-plus trophies displayed in the Vidalia High School's trophy case.  It is stated that when all of Georgia ended the dual school system, that:  the students from the J.D. Dickerson High School brought with them many athletic trophies, and that their athletic talents strenghtened the already strong athletic program at Vidalia High School.  I will check with the school historian in search of these trophies.  Dickersonians have yet to see them and no one has any knowledge as to where they are.  Most schools  that were segregated in 1904-1970 were able to have their school trophies donated back to the black community through a African American Community Center in their town, NAACP, Concerned Citizens groups, etc..  Some may continue to exist in the schools that they integrated into. Not ours though.  However, I will continue to look under every rock that I can in search of them.  To do this I need the help of every Dickersonian who might have information regarding anything Dickersonian.  Let's find our Dickersonian achievements.


Brenda Spivey-Jones, Editor





Alumni News and Education Informant

Established:  February 14, 2012

Volume 1 No. 3                                                                                                                                                 Mar 2, 2012

"Missing In Action" Students (MIA)


Brenda G. Spivey-Jones, Founder/Editor

Names of fellow Dickersonians from all eras, decades and classes are being sought to reunite the J.D. Dickerson High School Multi-Class Alumni Reunion.  This site is designed to pay homage to Professor J.D. Dickerson and his wife, Mrs. Gussie P. Hart-Dickerson.  However, it is also designed to pay homage to all past and present Dickersonians who graces the halls of the school. 

MIA simply means that any Dickersonian who is not a member of this site or whose name is missing from the site. There are hundreds of classmates who do not know that this site exists.  Please pass the information along to them and let them find out about our great school history through our site.

If you went to school in a J.D. Dickerson School, you are a Dickersonian.  Claim your place in the history of a monumental instution.  Hopefully by joining our site, you will see that we have worked very hard to gather pertinent information and pictures.  It is also our goal to start a museum from Dickersonian Memorabilia from 1904 to date. 

Much information, items, year books, trophies, etc are missing and may not be recovered.  However, we can pool what we do have and make as much history as possible through our stories of remembrance and other things. 

Please write to us at  

We would appreciate your input.


Dickersonian High School Year Book Photographs

We are seeking any and all Dickersonian Year Books from as many years as possibly.   Some books will not be maroon...some will be just a brochure or booklet.  All are welcome.  We need as much in our memorial arsenal as possible.  If you know where we might find our own Dickerson yearbooks up to 1970, please contact us at or

Thank you.

The Editor






"The Dickersonian"

Alumni News and Education Informant

Established February 14, 2012


Volume 1 No. 5                                                                                                                            May 6, 2012

Negroes Succeed In Georgia

James D. Dickerson, Native son of Georgia, A Remarkable Man-His Exceptional Contribution at Vidalia is evidence of What a Negro Can Do at Home


Written By: Benjamin F. Hubert

There may still be some people who believe that a colored man cannot succeed in Georgia.  But the recent death of James D. Dickerson who pioneered as the founder and first teacher of a on-room school in Vidalia, 42 years ago, brings to light the remarkable accomplishments and achievements of a native son of Georgia, who dared to remain at home.  The Dickerson Training School-one of the finest school plants in Georgia a challenge to all right-thinking men and women in Georgia and the South.  It is symbol of what is possible in any community when there in consecrated leadership big enough to envision the job to be done and willing to lead in the right direction.

Starting at Vidalia, in Toombs county, Dickerson lived served and achieved within fifty miles of the farm where he was born and reared.  He cast his bucket down where he was.  His was a long uphill, smiling determined struggle, against ignorance, superstition, intolerance, prejudice and racial misunderstant.  Beigining in a one - room makeshift school building, his continually challenged the people of Vidalia and Tombs County, by his exemplary life as a citizen of the community, to provide for all colored people, a realistic chance, at home.  He lived to see some of his dreams and visions come true?

"An Uphill Struggle"

Dickerson had been at Vidalia struggling foward with little public support when the superintendent of Vidalia public schools-B.A. Lancaster, now the efficient superintendent of Vidalia public schools-became conscious of what the example of Dickerson meant to Vidalia.  Dickerson had then been there for more than thirty years.  Superintendent Lancaster personally approached the mayor and other respresentative white citizens of Vidalia.  They raised money and purchased a gold medal which was engraved as an expression of the confidence and faith of the people of the community.  At a public meeting where this medal was presented on leading citizen said, "Dickerson means more to Vidalia and Toombs County than all of the policemen.

This public recognition of this great sacrificing leader started the people thinking realistically.  Soon, under Dickerson's leadership, land was purchased and the beautiful and spacious plant-later named Dickerson Training School-in honor of the founder and the first principal, became an accomplished fact.  The break building, including shops and other vocational departments, is easily one of the most complete plants for the teaching of colored people that can be found in Georgia.

Two years agothe citizens, representing leaders of both race groups, became together in a special meeting to pay public tribute to the spirit and tangible achievements of Dickerson.  They presented him with an automobile for himself and his faithful wife, and a bronze plaque with names of all of the outstanding people of the community engraved on it.

The Dickerson Training School is not simply another school  The well kept grounds, the cleanliness on the inside of the buildings, the courtesy and politeness of the teachers and students, make the visitor know that this school is a part of the great inspiring vision of James D. Dickerson who did his bit to make his own community and the world a better place in which to live.


Note:  The above article was posted in the newspaper.  It is not known whether the Vidalia Advance published it because it has no date.  It has been retyped for site purposes only.  

Editor and staff members do not take credit for what the above author has written.  We submit all articles to the administrator who will make it a matter of reference and record it for history purposes only.

Brenda G. Spivey, Founder