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•   Jacqueline (Jackie) Jordan (Draper) (1974)  12/21
•   Carol Hansley (1972)  12/20
•   Brenda "Dallas" Spivey (1971)  12/18
•   Dallas Spivey (1971)  2/26
•   Ruth (Wright)  6/10
•   Clyde Mitchell (1963)  6/3
•   Barbara Wells (Gillis) (1973)  10/14
•   Barbara Wells (Gillis) (1973)  10/14
•   Robert Franklin (1972)  10/14
•   Alfredia Davis (McManus)  7/20
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How do you feel about all DTS/JDD Alumni 1904-1974 being a combined reunion

  I love it.
  It's okay
  Great idea, keep it going
  Too many age groups
  We are all adults. It's wonderful.
  It's more organized, I think it's fantastic. Great move.


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J.D. Dickersonian Multi-Class Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund 



History 1904 -1970

 Try typing WPA Building in Vidalia, GA in your browser's search bar.


 "Welcome home Dickersonians, welcome home."

This is the official website for the Dickerson Training School (D.T.S) and J. D. Dickerson High School. This website was created and founded June 30, 2010 to pay homage to Professor Dickerson and his wife, Assistant Principal, Mrs. Gussie P. Hart-Dickerson.

I, too, attended Dickerson Training Elementary School and J.D. Dickerson High School and have created the site for all African American students, principals and teachers who once graced the halls of DTS/JDD High School on Third Avenue in Vidalia, Georgia until its doors closed forever as a learning institution in September 1970.

However, let us not forget that we continue to carry on the Dickersonian Legacy because of those tykes who began Pre-K at J.D. Dickerson Elementary School, Highway #292 in Vidalia, and go on to graduate from Vidalia Comprehensive High School. 

This is our history, our culture, our lives, our times. Let us not leave anyone out.  Let us work boldy and create this fund.  It has been a long time in coming.  We cannot afford to leave the tiniest speck out of our history.  Let it be known that we were here because of all whom the Professor Dickerson touched with his life.


"We are the Face of J.D. Dickerson"

"We are the Voice of J.D. Dickerson"

"We are the History of J.D. Dickerson"

"We are Dickerson"



Brenda "Dallas" Spivey-Jones, Founder

J. D. Dickerson Multi-Class Alumni Memorial Website

J. D. Dickerson Multi-Class Alumni Memorial Scholarship Fund




Founded June 30, 2010


June 8, 2015 


Dickersonian Schools Multi-Class Website

Welcome to the Dickersonianian Multi-Class School Website.  We are honored to have you join your very own hometown high school website for students, teachers, principals and family from 1904 to the present day.  After all many of you attended or graduated from Odd Fellows Hall, Rosenwald School, Dickerson Training School (D.T.S.) or J.D. Dickerson Elementary and J.D. Dickerson High School at some point in time, thus making history in this great educational institution.

At this time our website is operable, but continues to be under construction. It does not mean that you cannot view it. However, no comments can be made at this time regarding the structure of the site because many modules are not ready. We continue to be busy obtaining the names of all students who attended our school be they alive or deceased.  You can help by sending us the names of those students you see from your class year and others to the email address below.  We would really like to post everyone, for historical purposes.  You can be of much help by telling everyone you know about the site or forwarding the information to our Dickersonian Multi-Class Alumni website administrator, Brenda "Dallas" Spivey at:


To date we have J.D. Dickerson email addresses through major search engines covered for J.D.D.  We have yahoo, gmail, hotmail, live and msn email addresses.  You will not be confused when you notify us.  However, for now please use the email address above.

Click on the missing classmates link, click on your name if it is listed, and join to enjoy the benefits of the website.  If your name is not listed, check for your year of graduation and start your profile info.  If you have trouble call us and we will gladly assist you. We look forward to seeing you here.   Help is always available by emailing the above address or calling 912-585-6084, 912 246-8322. 

Dallas Jones, Founder, Administrator


Welcome to All Dickersonian School Alumni from 1904-Present

Please, take a moment to view this website with love and adoration for our school's namesake, Professor James DeWitt Dickerson and us, the students, who helped to make the school a historical instuition by attending faithfully.  He and Mrs. Dickerson made attending school for black students a reality in rural areas such as Vidalia and surrounding counties from 1904, even to the present day.  J.D. Dickerson Elementary School on HWY 292, Vidalia, continues to bear and honor his name. 


Rosenwald School to J.D. Dickerson School

Mr. Julius Rosenwald, President of Sears Roebuck and Company, Chicago, IL, is the actual funder of the Rosenwald School which later became Dickerson Training School and J.D. Dickerson High School both of which were named after Professor Dickerson. Rosenwald also funded schools in other counties through out the state of Georgia and other rural southern states.  He was a philanthropist who along with Dr. Booker T. Washington, President of Tuskegee Institute, assisted Mr. Dickerson in making Dickerson Training School a reality.

Professor J.D. Dickerson, Principal and Namesake of all the J.D.Dickerson Schools  

Tenure 1904 - 1947

Mrs. Gussie P. Hart, Dickerson, Teacher/Asst. Principal 1905 

Mr. Cula Douglas Jackson, Teacher/Principal  1947-1956

Mr. Alonza Epps/Teacher/Principal  1956-1959

Mr. Charles J. George/Principal  1959- 1962

Mr. Switzon S. Wigfall, Principal  1962-1963

Mr. Woodrow Love  1963 - 1964

Mr. Walter Ostell Horne, Student/Teacher/Principal  1964 - 1970

Again, please notify us with information that you deem important.  We appreciate your help and input.


Respectfully Submitted,

Brenda "Dallas" Spivey-Jones, Founder

Dickersonian Multi-Class Alumni Website